LCA Provisional Statements:

Provision #1:

Annual dues for all members, as defined in Article 4, Sections A through F, of the Constitution of L.C.A., Inc. shall be one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00). Annual dues are due and payable by January 1 and must be paid by June 30 of the respective year in order for any member to remain in active member status with the organization, a requirement for continued certification by L.C.A., Inc.  After the initial processing application fee ($60.00) and the first annual dues; please forward all annual dues thereafter to the treasurer of LCA;  Chaplain Stephen J. Brandow, Treasurer P.O. Box 39, Tioga, Louisiana, 71477 Phone Number: (318) 201-0374 and email: 

Provision #2:

Members shall be required to attend at least two meetings per year in order to remain in good standing with the organization: Article 5 Secti on H.

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Established 1972




Louisiana Chaplains Association, Inc. (LCA) is a chartered non profit organization in the State of Louisiana ran by a commission of elected officers and chairs. Our focus centers around the improvement of quality of pastoral care offered in the State of Louisiana. By the exchanging of ideals and experiences, and by providing training, recognition, certification and information in the varied areas of chaplaincy. We interface with other organizations or institutions through consultation regarding the related work of chaplains and such other activities that are germane to the foregoing objectives and purposes of this organization. 

Louisiana Chaplain’s  Association

 Quarterly Meeting

                    It is with great enthusiasm that we extend an                    invitation for your active participation in our

        educational programs and business of the Louisiana                 Chaplains Association.

            Our quarterly meetings are held every second                         Tuesday in the months of January, April, and July.  

             Our annual retreat is held in October, the fourth                                  quarter, usually the second week.  

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact

Chaplain Alonzo Young, President (

Certification makes a difference

Certification as a professional chaplain makes a difference to:

  • The recipients of our spiritual care in healthcare facilities, correctional institutions, long-term care units,rehabilitation centers, hospice, military, and other specialized settings
  • Employers and administrators of institutions who seek to staff their organizations with skilled and experienced chaplains.  ......

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The Eastern Mental Health System and Villa in Jackson Louisiana need volunteers to assist in Chaplaincy. 

  Please contact Chaplain Alonzo Young

  at (225) 634-4306 or (225) 236-6772

          for additional information.


P.O. Box  788 • Jackson, LA 70748 


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