The Commissions for Public Education and Organizational Relations (CPEOR) is responsible for maintaining the LCA's visibility via any media coverage, events, programs, and any available technology aimed at the advancement of this association.     Establish such relationships with administrators of institutional facilities throughout Louisiana as shall enhance accomplishments of the purposes’ of L. C. A., Inc. and encourage institutions to support the membership of their chaplains in L. C. A., Inc.   Collaborate and develop relationships with such national or State organizations within and outside of Louisiana as shall be of assistance in the carrying out of the purposes of this Commission. 


This board purpose is to expedite the professional certification process.  In addition, to maintaining a list of all persons certified, and currently active under the provisions of the Louisiana Chaplains Association, this board is the point of contact for verification purposes and membership interest.  Also, this board establish, publish, and implement rules for regular re-certification of clinical chaplains.  Any chaplain possessing certification from a nationally recognized certifying body acceptable in the State of Louisiana automatically qualifies for certification by this Board. Otherwise, qualifications required for certification include but may not be limited to:   (1) Age of at least twenty-one years. (2)  Baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution of higher learning (or its equivalent acceptable to the Board). (3)  Master of Divinity degree from an accredited seminary (or its equivalent acceptable to the Board). (4)   Completion of four certified units of clinical pastoral education (or its equivalent acceptable to the Board.). (5)   Endorsement or statement of being in good standing by and with a nationally recognized religious denomination. (6)   Demonstration of professional competence in pastoral care in a meeting with an examining committee.


The Commissions for Governmental Affairs (CGA) is this association's facilitator to fellowship and exchange among fellow chaplains by carefully following any legislative, executive, or judicial developments that may affect the provision and service of chaplains serving in public institutions  throughout the state. (2) Advance the cause of chaplains in State institutions relative to just compensation, employment benefits for self and family, and organizational placements which respect the proper role and competencies of those chaplains.  (3) Represent L.C.A., if and only if specifically designated by the Board of Directors in each instance, in presentations before State Officials or organizations (e.g.-Civil Service Commission, Legislative Committees, etc.) in order to assist said officials or organizations in appreciating the role of chaplains in State institutions.  (4) Assist chaplains in State institutions, upon request, in promoting a better image among colleagues and enhancing their institutional effectiveness.   (5)  Collaborate and develop relationships with others L.C.A. Commissions and/or organizations outside of L.C.A., such as shall be of assistance in the carrying out of the purpose of this Commission.

Vision Statement

To see chaplains who are trained professionals providing meaningful, life changing service to the communities in which they live through involvement in every sector of community life, be it health and welfare, education, transitional living, emergency service and governmental support


The purpose of the Commission for Professional development is as follows: (1) Encourage all chaplains throughout the State of Louisiana to take advantage of programs of professional development. (2) Organize and implement such programs of professional development as are   required to supplement existing programs available to chaplains. (3) Collaborate with the Louisiana Chaplains’ Association Board of the Certification to identify and implement programs acceptable toward the re-certification of clinical chaplains. (4) Collaborate and develop relationships with such national or State organizations within and outside of Louisiana as shall be of assistance in the carrying out of the purpose of this commission.

Purpose and Mission

The purpose and scope of the Louisiana Chaplains Association, Inc. is to improve the quality of pastoral care offered in institutional settings through out the state of Louisiana. Our mission is to provide practical community support and spiritual counsel to all in crisis by providing trained and licensed chaplains to help in counseling, education, advocacy, life improvement skills and recovery training. To this end establishes the Board for the Certification of Clinical Chaplains (BCC), the Commissions for Governmental Affairs (CGA), Commissions for Public Education and Organizational Relations (CPEOR).

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