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  • Is at least twenty-one (21) years of age
  • Is not in violation of any ethical standard prescribed by the BCC.
  • Has not been convicted of a felony (The BCC may, at its discretion, waive this requirement upon review of the individual’s circumstance.)
  • Possess a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution of higher learning (or its equivalent as acceptable to the BCC)
  • Ecclesiastical Endorsement.
  • Have a completed graduate-level Theological Degree in theology, divinity, religious studies, pastoral ministry, pastoral studies, or spirituality from an accredited academic institution.
  • For degrees in other related disciplines, please contact the Chair of the Certification Board to confirm your degree meets the requirements of the L.C.A., Inc. Standards, prior to entering the Certification Application process. 
  • ​Possesses a Master of Divinity Degree from an accredited university or seminary (or its equivalent acceptable to the BCC).
    (((NOTE REGARDING POSSIBLE EQUIVALLENCIES:  An example of equivalency for the M.Div. degree specified by resolution of the L.C.A., Inc. on July 8, 1997 is as follows:  a)  Requirement of 32 classroom (i.e. actual hours as opposed to semester hours) in course work, seminars, and/or books read beyond the baccalaureate level, with the work covering the following areas of study – Theology, Biblical Studies, Psychology, Counseling, Sociology, Education, Christian Education, and Administration/Management.  Further, reading of three books shall constitute one hour of this required work, not more than three hours of the required work may be credited by the reading of books, and the books to be read must be from a bibliography either suggested by or approved by the BCC.)))
  • Provides evidence of successful completion of four (4) certified units (i.e. attested to by a nationally recognized agency such as the A.C.P.E.) of Clinical Pastoral Education (or its equivalent acceptable to the BCC).

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