Since this organization is a culturally rich environment with goals centering around the improvement of the quality of care, and considering that there are several fields of chaplaincy, some of which are easily recognized. Others are not. The following definitions are applicable throughout the Louisiana Chaplains Association, Inc.

  • "Chaplain"- any member or potential member of the Louisiana Chaplain's Association, Inc. who either currently serves or aspire to serve as a giver of pastoral care in an institutional facility.

  • "Clinical Pastoral Training (CPT)" -  in which one unit of clinical pastoral training involves at least twelve (12) weeks of supervised work as an intern of an experienced pastoral supervisor, during which at least three (3) reflective sessions are held and one (1) document evaluation was conducted.

  •  "Experienced Pastoral Supervisor" - one who has at least seven (7) years of experience as a full-time salaried pastor, clinical chaplain, or professor of pastoral work while either certified for pastoral supervision by a nationally recognized certifying organization or endorsed by a national recognized church organization for supervision.

  • "Institutional Facility" - any public or private environment throughout the State of Louisiana which offers health care services of short or long term duration, correctional services, or other types of services to resident patients, clients or offenders which do or should include a dimension of pastoral care.

  • "Pastoral Care" - the professional application of helping acts directed toward the spiritual healing, sustaining, guiding, and/or reconciling of a person whose troubles arise within the context of his-her understanding and experience of the ultimate meaning and concerns of life.